BIORIVOLUMETRIA | Scientific Board “Biorivolumetria & Multifractional Bio-Induction”
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Scientific Board “Biorivolumetria & Multifractional Bio-Induction”

On July 20, 2019 the Scientific Board dedicated to BIORIVOLUMETRIA & MULTIFRATIONAL BIOINDUCTION is held at the Hotel Smeraldo in San Bendetto del Tronto. The importance of the event was enhanced by the participation of scientific representatives (Dr. M. Zazzetta, Prof. A. Alessandrini, Dr. A. Mamak, Dr. I. Capparucci, Dr. E. Costa, Prof. A. Pilloni , Dr. D. Diracoglu, Dr. G. De Angelis, Dr. O. Leylek) who participated with numerous interventions to demonstrate the enthusiasm for the hyaluronic acid-based injected products produced by Regenyal Laboratories